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 Published papers and in press

  • Pouwels, J. L., Valkenburg, P.M., Beyens, I., Driel, I.I., & Keijsers, L. (2021). Social media use and friendship closeness in adolescents' daily lives: An experience sampling study. Developmental Psychology. 57 (2), 309-323.

            Preregistration available here.


  • Valkenburg, P. M., Beyens, I., Pouwels, J. L., van Driel, I. I. & Keijsers, L. (2021). Social media and adolescents’ self-esteem: Heading for a person-specific media effects paradigm. Journal of Communication. 71 (1), 56-78.

          Preregistration available here.


  • Beyens, I., Pouwels, J. L., van Driel, I. I., Keijsers, L., & Valkenburg, P. M. (2020). The effect of social media on well-being differs from adolescent to adolescent. Scientific Reports, 10.

           Preregistration available here.


  • van Driel, I. I., Pouwels, J. L., Beyens, I., Keijsers, L.& Valkenburg, P. M. (2019). Posting, scrolling, apping and snapping: Youth (14-15) and social media in 2019. Universiteit van Amsterdam, Center for Research on Children, Adolescents, and the Media (CcaM). Available here.

           Preregsitration available here

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